About Moshe Berk - The developer of "Secret of the Jewish Voice" Method

Hello, I’m Moshe Berk, a world-renowned voice teacher… It’s nice to meet you!

I began my journey in the music world when I sang in the Cape Town Synagogue Choir when I was still a 10-year-old boy.

When I sang in the choir, from the very first time, I knew: This was my destiny in life – Music.

After I immigrated to Israel, I continued my musical journey: I arrived at the Great Synagogue of Jerusalem and joined Cantor Naftali Herstik, conducted by Eli Yaffe.

But I felt something was missing… I wanted to learn the secrets of music more professionally!

So while living in Jerusalem, our eternal capital, why not learn from the best?

I enrolled at the Rubin Academy of Music, a seminary of the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, and then joined the Cantorial School in Tel Aviv, under the guidance of Naftali Herstik.

Here, my musical career rose to a great wave of success – I sang, of course, in the choir, with the greatest cantors and singers from Israel and also from the world: Avraham Fried, Moshe Stern, Yaakov Motshan, Yisrael Rand, Yitzhak Meir Helfgott, Yaakov Shwekey, Baruch Levin and of course Naftali Herstik – and a great many others.

Moshe Berk
With Jose Carras, the famous tenor singer
With Placido Domingo, the well-known opera singer
Maestro Zubin Mehta

I wasn't satisfied with that; I wanted to go further on with the musical challenge of my life...

Almost thirty years ago I was accepted into the Israel Philharmonic Choir, which performed numerous times under the baton of world-renowned conductors Zubin Mehta, Kurt Mazur, and Antonio Pepano.

I’ve had the pleasure and honor of singing with such great singers on the biggest of stages for 25 years…

As if this challenge wasn’t enough, I challenged myself even more: I managed to be accepted into the Israeli Opera House, where we performed with the greatest singers in the opera world.

And what did I do to have a really good time? We performed at the Israel Festival, with giants such as Shlomo Gronich and Yoni Rechter, both of whom are musical geniuses.

I have taken a step back in recent years: Now, I sing in cantorial choirs in Jerusalem and Modi’in and have been engaged for more than twenty years in voice teaching using my unique method throughout Israel.

But it didn't all go smoothly... Something in the "machine" started to go broken!

Over the years, the smooth, beautiful voice I had got hoarse. Yes, professional singers become hoarse, too.

I was looking for medical relief for my problem, and I was offered all kinds of medication.

Guess what? It didn’t help…

I went back to my great teachers, to those who I served and who have inspired me to this day – And asked them: What is your secret?

Their answers amazed me.

I found that my voice was damaged both by emotional jolts and also because of improper life habits.

I went back to basics, to the base; what I’ve taught thousands of students over the years, I’ve developed into a method I now call…

The Secret of the Jewish Voice” is my unique method, in which my students learn how to train their voice, a technique accompanied by music – which tightly flexes the vocal cords and trains them for high-level singing;

This is the method that anyone who studies it can lower their hoarseness by at least 50% if not make it disappear altogether (there are quite a few success stories of my students whose hoarseness has disappeared without the need for any medical intervention!);

It’s the method that brings you back to the vocal abilities you had when you were young children, even before the voice changed or matured;

This is the method of all the great cantors, opera singers, and singers who use it to preserve their main instruments, the voice, for years.

You don’t have to sing or be a singer to use these techniques.

Lecturers, teachers, teachers, Knesset members and politicians, coaches and administrators – anyone who needs to stand before an audience and talk a lot can enjoy “The secret of the Jewish voice.”

I am Moshe Berk, and I invite you to the world of Secrets of the Jewish Voice, the secrets of the world’s greatest cantors and singers – to preserve your voice, develop it, and ultimately solve the problem of hoarseness that you may suffer from.

If you have any questions, Moshe is available at: 054-6355069

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