Is your voice hoarse? Are you having troubles talking consistently for hours? Do you dream of singing professionally?

Introducing: how to Get rid of the hoarseness while singing and talking over longer periods of time effortlessly - All within 10 group lessons with "the secret of the Jewish voice" by Moshe Berk

Are you making a living in one of the following professions?

  • Teaching
  • Lecturing
  • Radio/TV Broadcasting
  • Personal Training/Coaching
  • A Tourist/Group Guide
  • Kollel Melamed
  • A Call Center Employee
  • Acting
  • Singing
  • An Executive Administrator
  • An Army & Police Officer and Commander

If so, you probably use your voice all the time – and you are likely to suffer quite a bit from sore throats, hoarseness and even difficulty speaking due to excessive use of vocal cords…

Did you go to see a doctor? Have you tried any medication?


I have good news for you: In most cases, You don’t need doctors and medications to solve this problem…


Did you know?

Vocal training can reduce hoarseness problems by 80% to 100% and train you to use your voice correctly, painlessly and effortlessly…

And now, it can be done in small groups!

Moshe Berk has been a voice teacher for more than 20 years and has been recognized by all health organizations in Israel (Kupot-Cholim) as a groundbreaking speech therapist (although he has never been certified for that at all) – all due to his unique method called “The Secret of The Jewish Voice“.

Moshe’s vast experience speaks for itself:

  • A Cantorial choir singer from the age of 10
  • Graduated from the Rubin Academy of Music (by the Hebrew University of Jerusalem)
  • Graduate of the School of Cantorship in Tel Aviv led by Naftali Herstik
  • Longtime member of the Philharmonic Choir
  • Singer at the Israeli Opera House
  • Performed abroad & in Israel (including at the Israel Festival several times)

And now, all his experience can be at your disposal, in the framework of small, intimate groups!

Moshe Berk
With Jose Carras, the famous tenor singer
With Placido Domingo, the well-known opera singer
Maestro Zubin Mehta

It’s time to shatter the conventional methods of voice training in Israel!

If you want to learn the closely-guarded secrets of the world’s greatest opera singers and famous Jewish cantors, all from the comfort of your own home, you’ve come to the right place!

Welcome to the world of…

Within Moshe’s Unique Method Group Lessons, In Just 10 Lessons, Among Other Things, You Will Learn:

  • Life habits that will change your voice for the better.
  • “Evacuation-construction” – Clearing the hoarseness from your throat and projecting a “clean” voice.
  • The four S’s that are key to cleaning your voice and adequately using it.
  • How to train your voice with simple musical practice (in contrast to what most speech therapists in Israel do)
  • What type of music contributes to voice training, and how it expands your vocal abilities.
  • How to regain the vocal abilities you had when you were a kid.
  • How Moshe Berk got rid of about 70% of his hoarseness using the techniques in “The Secret of the Jewish Voice.”

All this and much more, Moshe Berk teaches with a lot of humor and great personal charm, generously giving away the vast knowledge he accumulated over decades of a high-level singing career performing on the biggest of stages.

In the group lessons, you will even receive tips that served and still serve him in his performances as part of cantorial choirs on the largest and most respected stages in Israel.

If you’re performing on stage as an actor or a singer, these tips alone are worth the cost of this team course!


How much does it cost to join Moshe’s group lessons?

With a total of 300NIS per lesson, or 3,000NIS for 10 lessons, which makes up the complete course with Moshe Berk – you will be on a path that will change your voice from the very first lesson!

Join the next group hosted by Moshe Berk by clicking the link below, and you won’t regret it.

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