Group Lessons with moshe berk

Please Note: Group Lessons are currently only available in Israel.

Are you constantly hoarse when learning with your chavrusa or singing Shabbos Zemiros???

Try group lessons with Moshe Berk and give yourself the tools to speak without getting hoarse and sing without straining!

I’ve been running group lessons at The Mir Yeshiva for over 10 years and have taught over 600 bochrim and avraichim successfully on how to use their voice correctly whilst learning a full day in an enormous Yeshiva without any strain or vocal fatigue.

There are those within the group that have testified that their level of singing and davening has been elevated and advanced to a much more professional sounding level where they have gained a larger vocal range, more strength in their voice, and vocal agility.

The Advantages of Learning in a Group:

  • The price – it’s less than half the price of a full lesson. Don’t worry however, you are not getting half the product. Hashem has also blessed me with the ability to discern (whether a small group of 6 or a larger group of 12) and hear each person individually even though they are doing the exercises together.
  • Multi-functional – Whether you are Sefardi, Ashkenazi, Hassidish, or Litvak, or you have come for hoarseness issues or to improve your singing, I’m able to get to every person individually, even though it’s a group.

What Do You Learn in a Typical Voice Lesson?

  • The Dos and Don’ts in lifestyle habits that drastically change your voice for the better.
  • The four ש.ש.ש.ש.’s to improve vocal hygiene.

I use musical vocal exercises that extend your range and iron out old vocal problems. These are replaced with new vocal skills. This is what sets my methodology apart from all speech therapists around the world.

As well as this, my teachning methodology comes with a lot of humor and great personal charm, generously giving over the vast knowledge I have accumulated and gleaned over decades of a professional singing career performing on the world’s biggest stages.

How Much Does It Cost to Join the Group Lessons?

A series of 10 group lessons (12 participants) costs 1,600 NIS. This is 1/3 the price of private lessons.

A typical series of 10 private lessons would costs 5,000 NIS. Granted a private lesson is a private lesson, however, the value you get from group lessons isn’t diminished because of the group factor.

Due to the proven track record of running 10 different groups a week, the success of these group lessons is enormous.

Are There Any Specific Benefits to Group Lessons?

  1. Very often someone will ask a question that I wasn’t necessarily planning on teaching and will take me in a different direction, which enriches the overall general experience thus giving you a more rounded instruction.
  2. While I’m busy correcting you individually, and at that particular moment cannot fully internalize what I’m “getting at,” when I do the same correction with one of the other guys in the group, you get the “AHA” moment and begin to understand what I wanted from you.

Disclaimer: These group lessons are currently only available in Israel. Be sure to check notice boards at your yeshiva or Kollel so as not to miss out on this beautiful enriching experience that will be with you for life.

What Do You Get With the Course?

  1. You will get a CD with all the explanations and vocal exercises.
  2. You will get a booklet of instructions on how to further develop and maintain what you have already learned.
  3. I encourage you to record all the sessions so that you can review between lessons and after you have completed the course.

Don’t just believe me, hear what past students have had to say…

Feel Free To Text Me On WhatsApp: +972 54 635 5069

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