Talk a Lot in Front of an Audience? Suffering From Chronic Hoarseness?

The answer is not in medications and surgeries – the answer is in training your voice!

 If you are a:

  • Public speaker
  • Teacher
  • Singer
  • Lecturer
  • Cantor and prayer leader in a synagogue

You Have Come To The Right Place!

Hello, I’m Moshe Berk, a 52-year-old cantorial choir singer, opera singer and musician for decades.

I started singing when I was 10, in the Cape Town Synagogue Choir in South Africa, and I haven’t stopped singing since…

But constant singing takes a toll on your vocal cords and throat. So are the jolts of life, which affect emotion.

After performing on the world’s biggest stages with international opera singers, and with orchestras conducted by maestro Zubin Mehta – as part of various choirs and opera performances…

With Jose Carras, the famous tenor
With Placido Domingo, the well-known opera singer
Maestro Zubin Mehta

My voice started to get hoarse, too...

I searched in vain for a medical solution to the problem. The doctors told me, “There is no medical problem with your vocal cords”.

So I went back to the teachers and conductors who taught me how to sing over the years.

I then found that with simple techniques I could get rid of a large part of the hoarseness in my voice; between 80% and 100% of the hoarseness in some cases, and sing or talk as long as I want to, like most professional singers & actors in the world!

Since these are techniques that the world's best-known cantors use, I called these techniques...

Jewish Voice Secret PNG

For 25 years I’ve been teaching the Secret of the Jewish Voice. Thousands of people have been through my lectures and courses, whether individually, within a group or even electronically over the Internet.

Even the health organizations recognized my unique talent in creating results for my students. Although I do not have a certification as a speech therapist, clients have been referred to me for many years to treat difficulties in speech and other related problems.

I invite you to discover the Secret of the Jewish Voice in various formats on my site, following these links:

(* Because of the differences in materials of the lessons, woman-only or men-only groups can be held)e

If you have any questions, I'm available at: 054-6355069

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