Did you know That there’s a solution to hoarseness and sore throat which you can implement in 10 lessons or less without leaving your house?

Have you ever dreamt of singing?

Maybe you talk a lot during the day – And your throat is hoarse?

Before you try medication or go to an expensive course with voice teachers, wait a minute…

What if I told you that there is a possibility to carry out professional voice training techniques, which incorporates the secrets of the world’s greatest cantors and opera singers – without leaving your house, in front of the screen you are watching right now?

Now it’s possible!

But just before we get into all the essential details – what is voice/vocal training, anyway?

It would be best if you started with what voice training is NOT:

Voice training is not just a technique or collection of techniques for improving your voice.


Voice training isn’t even something just for singers performing on stage.

We all talk every day, all day long, and strain the muscle of the vocal cords.

If you use your voice in your professional life, you will even feel it more. For example:

  • Teachers
  • Lecturers
  • Broadcasters
  • Trainers & Coaches
  • Group Guides & Counselors
  • Call Center Operators
  • Actors
  • Singers
  • Executives & Managers
  • Officers and Commanders

It’s likely that if you’re here on this page, you fall in one or more of these categories…

And if that's true, you need proper voice training!

Why is that important?

The answer is in the true definition of voice training: Like bodybuilding or muscle training, proper voice training is an extremely important exercise for your vocal cords!

In other words, without training your vocal muscles, especially if you use your voice all day long, you might end up with a hoarse, sore throat, and the ability to speak will be weakened.

What should you do?

Voice training can reduce hoarseness by 80% to 100%, and teach you how to use your voice correctly, painlessly, and effortlessly…

But not all voice teachers, and not all voice teaching methods, will make the same difference on your voice & vocal abilities...

Many voice teachers have been teaching students for years – and students find themselves “married” to their voice teachers…

Moreover, most of the speech therapists in Israel emphasize the practice of consonants, not the practice of producing musical sounds.

This makes voice training lessons with most speech therapists in Israel boring. Even worse, this method limits the students’ vocal range since the conventional practice of consonants rather than melodies actually shortens the range of their vocal cords!

It's time to shatter the conventional methods of voice Training in Israel!

If you want to learn the closly guarded secrets of the world’s greatest opera singers and famous Jewish cantors, all from the comfort of your own home – you’ve come to the right place!

Welcome to the world of…

within Moshe's unique method Online course, in just 10 lessons or less, among other things, you will learn:

  • Life habits that will change your voice for the better.
  • “Evacuation-construction” – Clearing the hoarse voices from your throat and projecting a “clean” voice.
  • The four S’s that are key to cleaning your voice and adequately using it.
  • How to train your voice with simple musical practice (in oppose to what most speech therapists in Israel do…)
  • What type of music contributes to voice training and how it expands your vocal abilities.
  • How to get regain the vocal abilities you had when you were a kid…
  • How Moshe Berk got rid of about 70% of his hoarseness using the techniques in “The Secret of The Jewish Voice.”

Moshe packed all his vast experience in a comprehensive digital course, including videos, audio clips, documents, and much more.

With Jose Carras, the famous tenor singer
With Placido Domingo, the well-known opera singer
Maestro Zubin Mehta

What do you get In the course?

Wait, Moshe, how much is all this good stuff going to cost me?
how much does "The Secret of the Jewish Voice" digital course costs?

The value of this course could easily have been at least NIS 4,999….

But today, because of the Corona Virus crisis and the dire financial situation affecting many people around the world, we want the course to be within reach of almost everyone.

Therefore the price of the course will not be NIS 4,999

Also not 2,999 ₪…

Not even 1,999 ₪…


For a limited time, the complete “Secret of the Jewish Voice” course by Moshe Berk can be purchased at a special offer price – Only NIS 997.

Think about it…

That’s less than 100 NIS per lesson!

This is without mentioning the bonuses attached – 4 additional clips, 40 audio clips for practice, a full PDF manual…

This is a high-level course, which has been created with a lot of care and professionalism by Moshe Berk.

Now you can train your voice…

Now you can clear it of hoarseness…

Now you can sing or talk for a long time, without straining your vocal cords that much…

Now you can adopt healthy habits of life that will strengthen your voice (and wellbeing in general)…

You can do all this – without leaving your home, or virtually anywhere, on any mobile device!

Don’t miss the price of the one-time special… Book the complete “Secret of the Jewish Voice” course by Moshe Berk TODAY!

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